MIT SA+P, Spring 2019

William O’Brien Jr.

The semester began with a series of investigations into grids, arches, and vaults. Ideas about openness, enclosure, and adjacencies arose...

The exploration into these geometries and their resultant systems opened up the possibility of an expansive and continuous space that is non-hierarchical. We can imagine stitching together a tapestry of recreational, cultural, and community-oriented programs to create new programmatic adjacencies and relationships.

What are the possibilities when there is an overlapping of programs or an expansion of flexible programs? And on the hand, what does it mean to create division and privacy in a free space? What is the basis of creating enclosure and what are the limits?

The new Y of Coney Island takes in account of the needs of the local demographic and the immediate context by providing spaces for all and becoming an opportunity for these differing groups to come together under one roof.